Welcome to the Kacar Lab!

We study evolution at the molecular level. Our research objectives relate to historical aspects of evolution and the origins of life on Earth, and how these questions in turn relate to astrobiology. We conduct our research activities under two themes:

  1. Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Evolution
  2. Reconstructing Ancient Phenotypes

Our research combines tools drawn from paleogenetics, synthetic biology, experimental evolution, whole-genome sequencing, bacterial genetics and biochemistry.

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Update: We are setting up an independent research team at Harvard University, where we will be located for the next few years. Several positions are available, please see Opportunities.

Kacar Lab is the co-founder of SAGANet.org: The Online Astrobiology Grassroots Network, a member of the Earth-Life Origins Network and the NASA Astrobiology Institute. We are located at Harvard University, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, MCZ Labs 3rd Floor. 

For more details, please email Betül.