News & Highlights

Aug – Sept 2018

June – July 2018

May 2018

  • New grant! John Templeton Foundation approves our grant to conduct new research at the UA!
  • MCB undergrads Benji Knapp and Sofia Jacobson join the lab.
  • Incoming postdoc Amanda Garcia receives a NASA Astrobiology Collaboration Award!
  • Undergraduate Hanon McShea is headed to Stanford to obtain a PhD degree.
  • Ross Monasky joins the lab as a Research Specialist.

April 2018 

  • Betul is named NASA Early Career Fellow.
  • Pearl Lam’s SEED abstract is accepted for poster presentation.
  • Ryan Ward is rewarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study in France.
  • Hanon McShea receives an NSF GRFP award.
  • New NASA grant! Our collaborative proposal titled “Understanding Translation through Experimental Evolution,” submitted to the Joint NASA-NSF Ideas Lab “Origins of Life” is funded. Thank you NASA!

January – March 2018

  • We moved to the University of Arizona!
  • Pearl Lam joins the lab as a graduate student.
  • We hosted our first visitor: Ryan Ward!
  • Betul delivers a talk during the Flandrau Planetarium Exoplanet Lecture series.

October 2017

September 2017

Aug 2017

July 2017

June 2017

May 2017

April 2017

  • Betul Kacar and Anna Donovan travels to Mesa, AZ to attend AbSciCon
  • Betul delivers an Origins of Life plenary lecture during the Astrobiology Science Conference
  • Phil Trans A paper is accepted!

March 2017

  • New NSF grant! Our collaborative proposal titled “Biochemical, Genetic, Metabolic, and Isotopic Constraints on an Ancient Thiobiosphere” is funded by the National Science Foundation. Thank you NSF!
  • Microbiology Journal Club discusses our recent experimental evolution paper. Ancient genes in modern times: Watch it on YouTube

February 2017

January 2017

December 2016

November 2016

October 2016

September 2016

  • Ryan Ward, an undergraduate at Harvard College Chemical /Physical Biology joins the lab.
  • Alex Plesa receives 3rd place during the MSI Undergraduate Research Symposium!
  • Betul Kacar attends the NASA/NSF Ideas Lab in MD.
  • Betul presents our work at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting in Denver, CO.
  • Betul Kacar attends the NASA Agnostic Life Workshop in DC.
  • Betul Kacar presents our work at the NASA Astrobiology Institute Executive Council Meeting in Flat Head Lake Biological Station, MT.
  • Betul presents our work during a public outreach event in Bosnia – Herzegovina!

Aug 2016

  • PI Betul Kacar gets selected to participate the NASA/NSF Ideas Lab! Ideas Lab is an intensive, interactive and free-thinking workshop, which will lead to invitation of full proposal submission by either NSF or NASA.
  • PI Betul Kacar presents our work during the NSF BEACON Symposium on Evolution in Action.
  • Eva Garmendia and Betul Kacar presents during the ASM Microbial Evolution Meeting in DC. PI Betul Kacar is one of the organizers of this meeting!
  • Congratulations to Alex Plesa and Anna Donovan for successfully completing their MSI Microbial Sciences Undergraduate Scholarship Program!

June 2016

  • We started our evolution experiments!

May 2016

  • Betul joins to the NASA Astrobiology Institute Reliving the History of Life Can7 team as a Co-I.

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

  • It is official! We moved into our new space and looking forward to hacking the past in the MCZ Labs during the next three years. Thank you OEB & Edwards Lab!